Keyboard Versatility

All courses and tuition are suspended owing to the pandemic.
Hoping that it may be possible to start again September '21
...but this will depend on the numbers.
It is likely that, by then, tuition will be safe enough for people who have had both jabs and the teaching environment is well ventilated.

If you've always said you wanted to play piano...now's the time!

Daytime (10.30am-2pm)and evening (6-8pm) sessions available for individual lessons.

The links on this page have a lot of information about the teaching, have a look around and feel free to email if you have any questions...

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Perfect for beginners...

...The courses are also suitable for people who have learned to play by ear and now want some theory structure and for people who can sight read but would like to explore and improvise music.

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A different approach

The KV course firstly builds an intuitive understanding of the piano keyboard and it's geography. The piano keyboard was designed to fit the human hand (not the other way round) and owning the territory is crucial for musical development and expression.

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Choose your music

Whatever music you want to play, be it Bach preludes, boogie woogie, pop, rock...anything at all, the KV course prepares you for it by developing an intuitive relationship between the student and the keyboard.

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Course structure

Currently we are offering short, graduated, modules each covering a specific area. These modules are for individuals or in small groups and are available weekdays and evenings . Our 10 week group courses are still available and will be scheduled soon.

Students can access notes, charts and guidance through our website and email at any time for support or simply if something doesn't seem to be going right.

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