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A different approach...

The Keyboard Versatility course differs in many ways from more 'traditional' tuition in that it starts from the geography of the keyboard and seeks to make the understanding of theory both intuitive and practical.

The baby didn't get thrown out with the bathwater though and the theory is always explored in a musical context.

After the first session on this course the student will know why there are some black notes missing...or not!

Music is an essentially human activity and learning to express it should feel creative and rewarding. We simply need the teaching of music to be creative and responsive so that even the sticky bits feel like part of a journey and not a dead end!

Self development

The course is structured to enable students to go on and develop under their own steam rather than rely on continuing weekly lessons. Music isn't learnt on a linear path and after a 10 week course it is expected that the student will absorb and develop at their own pace for a while. They may call on further input i.e. individual sessions, for specific areas of music or, after a suitable break, sign up for the next 10 week course.


Theory no feary!

Music theory is introduced in a practical and musical context. At its upper reaches some aspects of music making involve tremendous complexity, however everything has a clear and logical start point. Whole books are written on harmony alone and yet it begins simply when more two or more notes are played at the same time. Just like a cabbage can play an important part in learning keyboard geography a sprinkle of talcum powder can illustrate the basis of musical harmony!

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